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We specialise on services that help small and mid size business and start-ups to flourish.

You only access the services you need. We call this the "TIANSA Advantage".

We operate as a network of like-minded peers who leverage their collective skills to tailor solutions to each client’s specific needs.

We're here to help you achieve your business goals and succeed financially.


Our workshops help you identify your goals and critical issues, to develop a structured plan to address them. This will help you set a course for the future you want for your business.


Our five stage health check reviews and comprehensively covers your business. From this we develop a full report which identifies the areas of your business that require prioritisation.


Our focused meetings review your progress to maintain accountability and reduce risk, This ensures the Business Management Team stays focused on the big picture and long term strategy.


Our business plans ensure your business progresses towards its ideal growth path from the beginning. We work with you in decision making and planning to ensure your business plans become a reality.


Where is your business going?

Our strategic planning review will comprehensively cover your business and help you set a course for the future you want.

Business challenges:

As a business owner you are faced with a vast range of challenges and opportunities on an ongoing basis, including:

  1. Getting too busy which creates growing pains for the business

  2. Making profits but not having enough cash

  3. Working to reward employees, suppliers and the tax man and not yourself

  4. Increasing business risk as the business grows

  5. Having lots of opportunities, but are unable to take advantage of them all, or decide which ones to prioritise

  6. Finding it difficult to take holidays or get away from the business

  7. Feeling unsure about the long term plan or exit strategy.

The process:

The key people in the business attend a half day work shop with our facilitator who will lead you through the process.

Strategic Planning Variables:

1. We IDENTIFY your goals and objectives– why are you in the business and what do you want to achieve

2. We ANALYSE the critical issues and give them priority

3. We DEVELOP a structured plan, with clear accountabilities and responsibilities, to make sure everyone is heading in the same direction

4. We ENABLE you to get on with growing the business and achieving your goals

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How healthy is your business?

Our five stage health check reviews comprehensively covers the your business, analysing its current effectiveness and identifying areas in need of attention.

The process:

1. Planning visit and questionnaire

2. Review of budgets and financial information

3. Site visit and audit of internal controls

4. Preparation of Report

5. Presentation of report & recommendations

The process is appropriate for small businesses, from sole traders up to 3 owners, across a range of industries.

We only look at the areas which are relevant to the size, structure and nature of your business. We then work with you to improve your business and reduce your risks and improve customer satisfaction.

The Output:

We deliver you a full report which identifies the areas of your business which need the most work.

We focus on the financial, governance and sales areas which will enable you to deliver the best value for your customers and build your business.

We help you to identify the weaknesses in your business and put in place plans to address these.

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Many small businesses do not achieve their full potential because the decision making process is not structured and disciplined.


As a business owner you need to make decisions which impact on your clients, cashflow, team members and yourself.

Getting help with this aspect of running a business could be the best decision you ever make.

What is it?

An Advisory Board is a select group of independent people who provide strategic advice and support to the business owner.

They provide non-binding advice and therefore are less formal than a Board of Directors.

This means there is greater flexibility in how they operate which fits in with the budget and operations of a small business.

Having an Advisory Board ensures that the Business Management Team stays focused on the big picture and long term strategy, rather than being distracted by short term issues.

The process:

1. Tiansa Group works with you to identify people with the skills and experience needed to help you make the decisions necessary to get the best out of yourself and the business.

2. Michael Huntington acts as Chairperson of the Advisory board and helps you to set the agenda and conducts the meetings to critically analyze the business, ensure accountability and reduce risk, ensuring the sustainable growth of the business.

3. Board members develop an understanding of the business, the environment you are operating in and your competition.

4. Your advisory board will meet each month to review the performance and fundamental aspects of your business.

5. Board Members are kept up to date with the activities of the company between meetings and are available for consultations or to help the business owner by working on specific projects.

6. Minutes of Meetings are circulated and actions followed up on, so that progress is always being made.

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Tiansa Group can help you prepare a Business Plan which will address the steps required to meet your business goals, as well identify methods for dealing with the challenges that may confront your business along the way.

Who needs a business plan?

Anyone who is in business or is thinking of starting a business, or raising capital or finance, and is serious about succeeding should have a Business Plan. A proper planning process should be conducted before you invest your, or anyone else’s, time and money in a venture.


A Business Plan is essential for start-up businesses to ensure they have analysed the market and the opportunities, and to ensure they have sufficient capital to survive until they become profitable and cashflow positive.

It will also help to convince potential investors that you are serious about your business.

Established businesses:

An established business may require a plan to raise finance to fund the next stage of the venture, to assist with mergers and acquisitions or to convey the mission and goals of the business to employees, customers and suppliers. If you already have a business plan and it is not reflecting reality or the business climate is changing and the plan is not reactive enough, Tiansa Group can update your plan to maximize planning as a tool for managing your business and making decisions.

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Michael Huntington

Lead Consultant

Michael has more than 25 years’ experience in helping business owners achieve their goals. His work has included assisting both start-up ventures and SMEs looking to successfully get to the next level.

Having developed and run his own businesses, held management roles and consulted to a broad range of SMEs, Michael brings a diverse range of relevant experience to his clients.

Michael has a Bachelor of Business, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments and is qualified as a Chartered Accountant.